Pastured Turkeys

Turkeys are a special holiday treat. Make your family's Thanksgiving meal memorable with our pastured turkey.

Our Products, Local Food in Chardon, Ohio

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Pastured Poultry

Our chickens are raised in chicken tractors that are moved twice a day, providing the chickens with access to fresh grass and insect forage. This method yields healthy and happy chickens with superior texture and flavor.

Farm Tours

Come meet us and learn something about where your food comes from. Our educational farm tours are great for school groups, or others interested in learning about local foods.Contact us for scheduling.

Spencer-Lotusdale Farm Swag

Know what you are eating. Spencer-Lotusdale Farm T-shirts will soon be available for purchase. These shirts are made for us by a local silkscreen company.

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Coming Soon!

Woodland Finished Pigs

Our pigs are a mix of three different heritage breeds (Berkshire, Red Wattle, and True Black).  This year the pigs will be finished on woodland forage. They will have access to acorns, hickory nuts, and apples.